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The Hawkesbury River

Come along on our Houseboat and cruise the Hawkesbury River and take in its scenic beauty from historic towns to spectacular National Parks.

Brooklyn is one of the gateways to the Hawkesbury River, it is so close but far enough away from the heart of Sydney. This magnificent river caters to everybodyís needs, from relaxing on many of the sandy beaches through to exploring historic and quaint towns like Windsor and St.Albans. Or you might like to take in some bushwalking in many of the bays, like Americaís Bay, around the waterfall just a short stroll from the waterís edge.

For the anglerís at heart the Hawkesbury offers a wide variety of fishing locations, along with many waterfront restaurants, like Riverside Brooklyn, Peats Bite Restaurant, Hawkesbury River Marina, Mooney Mooney Restaurant, Anglers-Rest Restaurant who serve the famous Sydney Rock Oysters, which is what the Hawkesbury is well known for.

The only way to experience the history of the Hawkesbury is to cruise on our Houseboat. Governor Phillip first explored here in 1789. One of the riverís most famous landmarks is the Brooklyn Rail Bridge, which was completed in 1889. You might pass the River Boat Postman who travelís the river delivering the mail for many residents along the waterís edge, like Dangar Island, Milsonís Passage and Bar Point.

Many of these islands have a wealth of information, like Dangar Island, originally called Mullet Island from Governer Phillip who camped there in 1788. A gentleman by the name of Henry Dangar constructed a house there in about 1871 along with a stone tower.

Bar Island is another historical landmark. St.Johnís Church was built there in 1876 and was used by the early settlers, the only remains there today is the chimney.

So as you can see there is a lot to learn and explore along the Hawkesbury River or just sit back, relax and enjoy your time on Bentleys Luxury Afloat Houseboat Hire.

Map of Hawkesbury River